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Twindo was born in early 2021, by this group of friends; Jules - a wind energy operations specialist, Frank - an enterprise solution architect and Guilherme - a SaaS business developer, made it their mission to drill deep into the way wind energy operations work and solve those big hairy, frustrating issues.
To deliver Twindo's real mission;
To be the tool that accelerates the global wind energy transition, towards net zero.

With a large focus group of wind energy decision makers from winds biggest organisation's, Twindo’s product decisions were validated and built upon to what makes the platform today. The platform that wind companies wish existed

Our solution is through experience, no gimmicks, being there and living it at multiple persona levels, and discovering the true pain of industry heavy hitters. The right kind of knowledge that is rare and valuable, combined with our next generation technology creates the innovation that is needed to bring forward genuine value in wind O&M, both practically and commercially

Much like many others, one of the founders sat opposite his spouse during the pandemic, the spouse works at a large paper and timber producer, that is reforesting the Amazon.

This idea plus a new found knowledge of reforesting tree species drove the decision to make Twindo an environmentally impactful software product.

Planting trees to cover development by more than 20x, and planting a tree for each future user of Twindo, every 6 months of subscription, mitigates emissions of wind energy operations that customers can benefit from too.

Our commitment is to make the solution that wind businesses love while maintaining a positive impact on the planet. Can we have fun at the same time? Sure!

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Why us

Twindo was formed in early 2021 with a simple mission: Build the software management system that wind energy organizations and their workers wish existed. The way we man age in remote locations and the tools we use influence the achievability of our goals and the lives of those who use them, we want to make wind energy workers lives easier and goals more achievable.


Jules has along career in wind energy operations with a unique view of engineering and management, he found traditional management tools unrelatable to wind power operations. So Jules asked, “why do we battle on and make do with these awkward solutions that cause headaches for everyone in the chain, why not change the way we approach wind management software entirely?” Or something like that, it might have been at a dinner party.


Frank has long been a chief architect & senior developer of mission critical, in house enterprise solutions for large organizations, armed forces, and government, when legacy or non-optimized solutions were just not good enough. After a long stretch as managing partner of an enterprise software studio, Frank now sets his sights to improve the way we use software in wind energy! He has one driving principle, above all, in software design; it must improve functionality over existing solutions. This is the team ethos.

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